Our consulting and training services are designed to provide a one stop shop of multi disciplinary labour law/HR/IR and business solutions. Core services include: strategizing and implementing the full Human Resources Function, Labour Law, Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, Employment Equity, Business Consulting and Training. The activities through which these services are delivered include strategizing, training, structuring and implementation. More detail is provided on each of these services in the accompanying pages.


Global Business Solutions is accredited to present training under the auspices of the Services SETA, ETDP SETA and the SABPP guided by our skilled experts.

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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

The impact of B-BBEE on business has been dramatic. Our expertise provides a unique perspective.

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Business Consulting

This division provides a full range of business skills and solutions applicable to both the public and private sector, regardless of size, industry or field.

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Compliance Assessments

We offer a range of on-site compliance assessments aimed to provide you with peace of mind that you meet legislative requirements.

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Commercial Mediation

Most disputes are capable of being mediated. This provides a quicker, less litigious and a more cost effective manner in which to resolve matters.

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Employee Relations

We support our clients to ensure that they are not only compliant in terms of legislature, but that their people are equipped for healthy working relationships and attitudes.

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Employment Equity

The Employment Equity Act requires that designated employers design and implement an Employment Equity plan in order to drive “reasonable progress” around employment equity.

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Equal Pay

The renewed emphasis on Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value offers the opportunity for the simple evaluation and correlation of pay and work. This is the long established principle of value exchange.

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Legal Services

Our attorneys engage in legal and business consulting, litigation and training, with specialization in the field of labour law.  They have extensive experience in both CCMA and Labour Court matters.

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Section 197

Most businesses are familiar with the provisions of section 197 of the LRA, but their focus is frequently only on the applicability of section 197 and its most basic consequences.

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Skills Development

This means meeting the need to develop skills of employees and also stimulate job creation and economic growth within a framework of inclusivity and social transformation.

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