University of Witwatersrand Labour Relations Management Programme in collaboration with Global Business Solutions

There has been the establishment of new statutory structures with implications for every level of labour relations in the country. Their purpose is to advance economic development and social justice, to reduce labour unrest and to advance the democratisation of the workplace by fulfilling the primary objective of the Labour Relations Act.

The Labour Relations Management Programme provides learners with specific learning and skills related to labour disputes, mediation, conciliation and arbitration as regulated by Labour Law.

This learning will deepen their understanding of the South African Labour Relations field and will underpin their ability to use this learning in various workplaces. The development of competence in this field can lead to better service delivery, institutional longevity and the promotion of job creation and security.

Application of the learning in this programme will also assist parties in labour disputes to enforce their labour rights, while at the same time enabling them to become aware of their obligations as active and responsible participants in society and the economy.