Employee Relations

Employee Relations offers consultation, facilitation and resolution strategies for workplace issues. Employee Relations assists in communications between employees and supervisors, corrective action and planning, disciplinary actions, and explanation and clarification of policies and procedures.​

At Global Business Solutions, we support our clients to ensure that they are not only compliant in terms of legislature, but that their people are equipped in such a way to create healthy and engaged employee relations. ​


The Human Resources division is aimed at providing our clients with the relevant specialized support services which will enhance employment relationships with the aim of achieving maximum commitment and output.​

These services include, but are not limited to:​

  • The drafting of employment contracts​
  • Drafting or reviewing HR policies and procedures​
  • Performance Management​
  • Drafting or reviewing Disciplinary Codes and Procedures​
  • Drafting and conducting Employee Satisfaction Surveys​
  • Reviews of remuneration structures​
  • Conducting job interviews and shortlisting of candidates​
  • Strategic HR Planning​
  • Organisational Design​


There is no guarantee that a strike will never take place at your workplace. The impact of an unexpected strike can not only create havoc with your employment relations but also on your client relationships. In some instances, the impact will be permanent. This means that strikes represents a significant business risk for any organisation.​
It is for this reason that we have developed this exciting new product which will enable your management team to take back control.​

This proactive strike management mechanism incorporates:​
• Contingency plans of action​
• Review and possible change of physical environment and structures​
• Training of significant role players​
• Immediate reaction hotline​
• Legal support and guidance​
• Post-strike close-out​

Employee Relations Tools:

  • Equal Pay System​
  • Equal Pay Reporting & Consulting​
  • Chairing Disciplinary  Enquiry​
  • Strike Management​
  • Policy & Procedure drafting & reviews​
  • Recognition Agreements​

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Excellent. Case law references were current  and right on-point. Variety of topics were comprehensively covered. A most enjoyable and informative presentation.

Lynne Pape, HR Manager, Codroy Trust. (Labour Law Update, East London, 22 September 2016)

This kind of course should be done by each and every employer and employee to enlighten them about policy and law

Herriet Nkoana, Receptionist, Sun International. (Effective Discipline in the Workplace, Sun City, 4-5 August 2016)

Great programme. Excellent practical example and discussion of case law.

Shonel Abels, Head of  HR Department, Aspen. (Arbitration, Port Elizabeth, 31 March -1 April 2016)

Course was very well presented. Denver is a real fundi on the course subject

Peter Muller, Health and Safety Officer, Vergenoeg Mine. (Capacity Building in Labour Law & Effective Discipline in the Workplace, 2-5 November 2016)

Thoroughly enjoyed the programme. Dave’s knowledge is exceptional.

Leigh Kramer, Shatterprufe. (Effective Discipline in the Workplace, Port Elizabeth, November 2016)

Dave was very informative, He made the course exciting and very informative. I learned a lot and will use this information going forward.

Velile Shongwe, Guest Service Manager, Sun International. (Effective Discipline in the Workplace, Sun City, 4-5 August 2016)