Kirchmanns’ Inc. is a niche labour law firm with offices in East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Global works closely with Kirchmanns’ to ensure a seamless transition between consulting/training solutions to the more technical and/or adversarial labour law work.

Global is proud to be associated with PMI, the Production and Management Institute. PMI is a national and fully accredited training provider. Global works closely with PMI in respect of developing and facilitating various industry and management training courses as well as facilitating learnerships across various sectors and industries.

Contact: Lynne Wilmot
Email: Lynnew@pmi-sa.co.za
Tel: 041 404 2421
Website: www.pmi-sa.co.za

Global offers the Diploma and Masters programmes in Labour Law in association with the Da Vinci Institute. The Da Vinci Institute is a widely respected formal education and training provider.

Contact: Sharlene Vania
Email: Sharlene@davinci.ac.za
Tel: 011 608 1331
Website: www.davinci.ac.za

Khanya Consulting is a black owned business and HR consultancy that provides tailor made project based solutions covering areas such as Performance Management, Project Management, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Organisational designs and business planning. Global has worked closely with Khanya in delivering project solutions for various clients including a number of Government Departments in the Eastern Cape and beyond.

Contact: Mphathi Mgqaliso
Email: mphati@mgqaliso.co.za
Tel: 082 781 2832

As a BEE company we strive to lift the country’s economic growth by providing excellent service at affordable rates to companies that are committed to the same principles as we are. We are a Level 3 BEE status which gives our clients 110% BEE recognition of the spend with Iyavaya HR Solutions. We also have the expertise that is most needed by our clients therefore we add value to your business.

Contact: Thembi Chagonda
Email: thembi@globalbusiness.co.za
Tel: 082 348 9381

Eduloan, established since 1996, is committed to making education both affordable and accessible to all aspiring students. We understand the real costs of education and offer study loans which cover not only the course fees, but additional expenses such as textbooks, registration fees and educational tools such as laptops and tablets. We have helped with over 700 000 loans to the value of R3,5 billion.

Contact Details:
13 St Lukes Road, Southernwood, East London
Tel: 043 722 0738 or 043 704 7225
E-mail: easterncaperegion@eduloan.co.za

We have been proud members of the Border Kei Chamber of Business, an affiliate of the national South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SACCI), since 1991 (more than 20 years).

The focus of the Chamber is to represent the interests of business by identifying, developing and promoting major issues that contribute to economic activity and growth, which we support wholeheartedly.  Representatives from Global Business Solutions also actively serve on the Chamber’s Employer Relations Forum.

Contact Details
Tel: 043 7438438
Website: www.bkcob.co.za

We have been proud members of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber, an affiliate of the national South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SACCI), for a number of years.

The focus of the Chamber is to represent the interests of business by identifying, developing and promoting major issues that contribute to economic activity and growth, which we support wholeheartedly.

Contact Details
Tel: 041 373 1122
Website: www.nmbbusinesschamber.co.za

The Local Yokel Project encourages consumers to buy products & services from the local community by providing the knowledge of WHERE & HOW they can support fellow home-grown initiatives to RECYCLE their RANDS directly back into the local economy!

Contact Details:
Cell: 072 473 5269
Email: meg@localyokel.co.za
Website: http://localyokel.co.za/

The South African Society for Labour Law (SASLAW) is a non-profit organisation.

The aim of the Society is to promote the advancement of labour law as a legal and academic discipline, and encourage collaboration between lawyers and other experts within the field of labour law.

Contact: Charlie Scholtz
Email: easterncape@saslaw.org.za
Tel: 041 582 2069
Website: http://www.saslaw.org.za/

Recruiting and placement of people with disabilities differ from other forms of placement as it unfamiliar territory for most employers. Not only does I Can! specialise in the recruitment and placement of people with disabilities, but we strive to change preconceived attitudes and perceptions by educating companies and prospective employers.

Contact Details:
55 Church Road, Durban North, 4016
Tel: 031 563 5518
Website: https://ican-sa.co.za/

Joint Prosperity (JP) is a vibrant people and business consulting company established in 2000. JP Partners with organisational leaders to realise their business strategy through more effectively harnessing their people and leadership potential . We provide innovative, customised solutions to local & global organisations across various industries.

We are renowned for our inclusive, developmental approach and personal touch. We love Africa and have a special interest in working within Emerging Markets.

Contact Details:
Tel: +27 11 782 7007
Website: www.jointprosperity.com

Legitimate Leadership helps leaders at every level to transform their organisations through applying the Legitimate Leadership model, so that they are characterised by legitimacy, trust, contribution and accountability.  These are the products of a fundamental shift from “taking” to “giving” at work at the level of the individual, the team and the organisation.  The Legitimate Leadership model has been applied in 26 countries on five continents in the past 25 years.

Contact Details:
Contact person: Joshua Hayman
Email:  josh@legitimateleadership.com
Tel:  082 550 3405
Website:  http://www.legitimateleadership.com